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Puppy Information

Puppy Information: Outdoor Activities

Litter/ Puppy Information

It takes a tremendous amount of time in the planning and whelping of each litter. Each puppy is treated with the same amount of love and care from before birth to the time they leave to their new homes. Puppies are raised inside our home and are well socialized before going to their new homes. We provide all owners with advice and knowledge during the lifetime of their puppies. All of our adult dogs are Certified with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for passing hip and elbow scores at 2 years of age and their eyes cleared with CERF. Additionally, our breeding dogs have genetic testing completed, especially the genetic testing required from our breed club. Additional genetic tests upon request.  

We DO NOT sell ANY companion and/or performance puppies with full registration (breeding rights). Show/Breeding prospects may be available ONLY to proven show homes. 

All of our puppies will come with their AKC/ASCA registration papers, vaccination papers, Microchip info, Eye examination Certificate from a certified Vet ophthalmologist, AKC puppy packet, tons of information about Australian Shepherds (This includes types of brushes to obtain, crate sizes, "toys and chews" information, etc), a bag of the current dog food they are eating, a stuffed dog toy that smells like mom. 

Puppy Health:

Puppies are de-wormed, given first round of vaccines, have their eyes examined from a certified Vet ophthalmologist, and tested for MDR1 Status. 

Our Puppy Training List

We try to work on common life skills on addition to our basic socialization routine. We work on crate training, potty training, intro to grooming (blowdryer, nail dremel, nail clippers, hair clippers used on feet, ear cleaning, baths, etc.) We work on walking on a leash, and intro to basic manners. We are proud to incorporate the puppy culture program the best that we can with each of our litters.

As we will not be sure which puppies will become show puppies, all puppies will get used to being on a grooming table. We will work on show stacking, teeth examination, and eye contact. 

Helpful Info & Training

Available for Download

Use Your Manners

Information on approaching new dogs.

Congratulations on your new Puppy

Breed Info

Socializing Your Puppy

Socializing Puppy Tips

Bringing a Puppy Home

Tips on Bringing a Puppy Home

Puppy Devlopment

A highly recommended read about puppy development.

Aussie Grooming

Info about Aussie Grooming

Help! My Puppy's Growling

Info on Growling

Introducing a New Puppy to Existing Pets

Info on Introducing a New Puppy to Existing Pets


Info on the Aussie Grin

Gluing Puppy Ears

Info on how to use Tear Mender Adhesive on dog ears.

Puppy Fear

Tips to troubleshoot fear in puppies.

Breeder Health Testing Info

USASA recommended health testing info.

Puppy Information: Files
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