Get to Know Our Timber Run Aussies

Westbrook OH Herding Group

Westbrook doing his exam, down and back, and go around. On His way to Winning Group 1st!

Best of Breed

Westbrook (second dog) wins Select Dog, and Arabella (last black dog) goes Best of Winners!

Arabella First Dog Show

Arabella's First Dog Show 6-9 month puppy class. Then went on to win Reserve Winners Bitch over adult bitches!

Willow in Open Black

Willow wins open black class, then goes on to win reserve winners bitch.

Westbrook Lure Coursing

Last leg won for his Coursing title! According to Thornapple Aussies, he's made history being their first Thornapple Aussie with Coursing Titles! Woohoo!

Westbrook in Aussie Paradise Part 1

Westbrook AKA Mr. Clean and Proper knows not to get dirty. But while up in Michigan with his Breeder Amy, she was determined to corrupt my well mannered boy.

Westbrook in Aussie Paradise Part 2

After being peer pressured into getting "dirty" Westbrook finally Crossed the Creek.

Arabella Picking Flowers

Arabella enjoyed picking my precious flowers, and did a little landscaping too!


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